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New Concept!
International patent pending
IA No. US2013/63061

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Lately, removable concrete anchors have been gaining popularity. These units are necessary in an application when there is a concrete structure and no traditional anchors present. After the analysis, the concrete anchors on the market today all share the same principal which is based on the concept of friction between the anchor and the walls of the hole that has been drilled the concrete. During the test, statistics showed that a lot of times the anchor cannot be removed from concrete after a force has acted upon it, some parts of the anchor get deformed and in some cases the anchor did not withstand the forces that were promised by the manufacturer.
MIO Mechanical Corporation has designed and manufactured new reusable Concrete Anchors which do not have the defects listed above. We have used a new approach to solving this problem. Instead of using friction, these anchors are employing multi-ball concrete deformation concept which allows withstanding much higher forces then friction thus increasing its safety factor and assuring strength and durability.
With this new concept you do not have need for extra tools to remove anchor from concrete after use like some other anchors. Have been successfully tested under damp conditions. These anchors are simple to use and consist of small amount of stainless steel parts which are all hidden in the stainless steel housing which leads to more consistent product. These high strength and durable model MCA-15 is capable of withstanding loads of up to 15,000 lbs./66kN, model MCA-10 is suitable for loads of up to 10,000 lbs./66kN and model MCA -5 is supporting up to 5,000 lbs./22kN. Compliant with all requirements and standards set by OSHA and ANSI Z359.1 for anchors used in fall protection applications including horizontal lifelines. *Sold to distributors on contract basis only. *Sold to distributors on contract basis only.

Concrete must have a compressive strength of at least 3,000 PSI (20.7MPa). Model MCA-15 is for special operations and custom ordered.

MIO Concrete Anchors
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All MIO Conecrete Anchors equipped with stress indicator

MIO Concrete Anchors
Drill for MIO Concrete Anchor
Product compliance is performed utilizing specially designed and built testing stands and equipment.
MIO Anchors Systems in Concrete Substrate
MIO Concrete Anchor (MCA-10) can be used as a part of complete temporary horizontal lifeline system. MSE Cable (left)or Rope (Right) Unitensioners incorporated in the horizontal lifeline system reduce the forces applied to concrete anchor.
MIO Concrete Acnhor MIO Concrete Acnhor
Point Anchor
MIO Concrete Anchor (MCA-10 or MCA-5) used as a point anchor to which a lanyard with a shock absorber is attached.
MIO Concrete Acnhor
Swiveling Concrete Anchor (MCA-10 or MCA-5)
Available with MIO Adapter for attachment to self-retracting lifelines allowing 360 degree rotation and protection on variety of roofs.
MIO Anchors Systems in Steel Substrate
MIO Concrete Acnhor
Wall Attachment
MIO Concrete Acnhor
Steel Structure
MIO Concrete Acnhor
Steel Attachment
MIO Removable Concrete Anchor for Small Airplane Tie-Down
MIO Concrete Acnhor
MCA-5 for Small Airplane Tie-Down